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Although we're not an online tuition website, we do offer a selection of lessons to showcase our listed singing tutors and give you a little something 'value added'.
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Ready for your close up?

Author - Phillip Shades
Ability - All Levels
I often ask my students to record their lessons so that they can play them back and re-cap parts of the lesson at other times. I have found that when my students do this they are able to take on board more information and their development gains considerable momentum.

Meditation and the voice, research into what meditation does for voice users

Author - Phillip Shades
Ability - All Levels
Following my research into what meditation does for voice users please find a brief outline of my conclusions below. The results are based on experiments assisted by 3 volunteers over a period of 2 months.

Vocal Health - Salt Rinse, keep your mouth and throat clean with regular salt water rinses.

Author - Phillip Shades
Ability - All Levels
Some people recommend gargling with mouthwash or aspirin to clear up throat infections however I would like to urge you to avoid these methods. Keep your mouth and throat clean with regular salt water rinses.

Vocal Health - Be Good to Yourself

Author - Phillip Shades
Ability - All Levels
In order for us to stay healthy and limit the times that we may have to resign ourselves to our bed it is vital that we follow a regular routine that will benefit our general health. Working these foods and supplements into your diet along with regular exercise will help keep you healthy:

Your Voice’s Early Warning System

Author - Dane Chalfin
Ability - All
It’s time for all singers to recognize that within their body there is an early warning system that can assist them to find positive ways forward for their voice.

10 Ways to Avoid the Voice Doctor

Author - Dane Chalfin
Ability - All
Voice training traditions have sometimes brought madness in their wake. Dane Chalfin, a Director of the British Voice Association and prominent vocal coach, is intent on separating fact from fiction.
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