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Listing Options for Vocal Tutors & Singing Schools

Registering with Find Singing Lessons is quick, easy and FREE OF CHARGE. You get a standard teachers listing, you can post unlimited music events and have full access to our online singing lessons archive all for the grand total of zero pounds!

If you want more features and a more prominent advert for your singing teaching services, you can easily upgrade to one of our listing/website packages from as little as £25 for a whole year!

There are absolutely no commission fees or 'cost per lead' charges.

Listing Options & Key FeaturesFree Basic ListingBRONZE
£25 p/a
£59 p/a
£79 p/a
Standard listing, displaying a summary of your teaching details for your chosen local area standard tick---
Post unlimited music events, gigs, workshops etc in any area standard tickbronze ticksilver tickgold tick
Full access to our singing lessons archive standard tickbronze ticksilver tickgold tick
Absolutely no commission fees or 'cost per lead' charges standard tickbronze ticksilver tickgold tick
Receive reviews from registered users -bronze ticksilver tickgold tick
Student association system, so your approved students can access your notes & downloads -bronze ticksilver tickgold tick
Google Adwords advertising removed from your listing -bronze ticksilver tickgold tick
Your own self managed microsite within the main 'FSL' website SEO targeted for your local area -bronze ticksilver tickgold tick
Your microsite will have its own (URL) web address so you can link straight to it -bronze ticksilver tickgold tick
Your microsite will have its own 'Contact Form' so your potential students can contact you directly -bronze ticksilver tickgold tick
Each microsite also includes 'Home Page', 'Further Info', 'Lesson Details' & 'Online Lesssons*' summary list -bronze ticksilver tickgold tick
The ability manage text, images and YouTube video within your listing, via your own secure admin -bronze ticksilver tickgold tick
Add web links to your existing personal, business or band websites -bronze ticksilver tickgold tick
Easy 'single click' display of CRB & RGT logos if you're registered with the organisations -bronze ticksilver tickgold tick
Submit articles for our news archive, gaining extra exposure for your business, event or products -bronze ticksilver tickgold tick
Framed summary listing on location search results for better visability -bronze ticksilver tickgold tick
Guaranteed first page listing for your chosen primary area --silver tick-
Be one of only 8 Silver rated listings per area --silver tick-
High contrast advert background to make your first page listing stand out --silver tickgold tick
25% discount on your choice of banner advert for your business** ---gold tick
Large framed results page listing, includes options image and up to 6 bullet points ---gold tick
Guaranteed to be in the top four first page results for your chosen primary area ---gold tick
Be one of only 4 Gold rated listings per area ---gold tick
*The microsite 'Online Lessons' page will only feature if you have submitted lessons that have been included on the main FSL website.
**Discount available on all advert positions subject to availability, artwork not included.
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